• The SF Lab develops BB cream, CC cream, tone-up cream, primer, etc., with a focus on sunscreen products and foundations. It also plays a leading role in the development of the convergence technology of skincare and makeup. The transparent sun spray products with Solar Clear™ technology, developed by the SF Lab, led the Korean and Chinese markets and achieved accumulative sales of 50 million units, followed by transparent sun sticks and transparent sun gels. Furthermore, the company pioneered the market by developing CC Cream, which enhanced the function of skincare, in addition to its feature as a base makeup. The SF Lab also developed complexion cream, the predecessor of tone-up cream, and sun cushion, and sub pact, that have combined the UV protection feature and convenient makeup, thereby leading the market with its advanced technologies. Currently, the lab applies the world's first IRPT™ technology jointly developed with the Innovation Lab and Xfine™, which has achieved the finest dispersion quality for products in the cosmetics industry, creating a difference in quality felt by consumers around the world. 

    Key technologies : Solar Clear™, IRPT™, Xfine™
    Focus areas : 
    Sun cream, sun stick, sun gel, sun cushion, sun pack, foundation, primer