• The Material Lab discovers and verifies natural materials including oriental medicine materials, as well as biochemical materials through biological transformation such as microorganism fermentation. The lab is also in charge of developing new materials through reformation between molecules or within molecules in organic and mineral materials, discovering and applying new mechanisms that provide whitening effects, creating the concept for materials and efficacy technologies, as well as developing tools for communication with customers. From medicine and oriental medicine to chemistry, skin science, molecular biology, and microbiology, researchers at the Material Lab conduct the most extensive and scholarly research, exploring the most attractive and unique materials that can be made into cosmetics. Since its establishment, the Material Lab has filed 59 patent applications and published 13 journal papers. Recently, the lab has also discovered the world's first beneficial bacteria for anti-aging that exist on human skin.

    Key technologies : Ginsenology™, Marine-aid™
    Focus areas : Functional anti-aging materials, functional whitening materials