Solar Clear-Spray is a clear spray sun care technology that gives off no white cast. Due to the clear emulsifying technology, when shaken, the emulsion becomes clear, and applies clearly and evenly to the skin. It also uses wet skin technology to help maintain UV protection through uniform application without running down on wet skin.

    Applicable product types : Sun spray, mist
    Primary benefits : Clear UV protection, applicable to wet skin, gives off no white cast, light and silky finish, refreshing cooling sensation

    Solar Clear-stick technology is COSMAX’s exclusive gelling agent technology, which realizes a clear gel and creates a perfectly clear UV protection stick. Its stick formulation makes it easy to use, creating excellent adhesion strength and consistency. It has an excellent makeup-fixing effect and UV protection, effect as well as a powerful waterproof feature. 

    Applicable product type : Sun stick
    Primary benefits : Clear UV protection, even and thorough adhesive strength, easy-to-use, high adhesion and consistency, makeup fixing, waterproof, excellent UV protection

    Solar Clear-gel technology is a clear sun care formulation technology that enables UV protection filters to evenly contain both oil and water to form a uniform UV protection layer, while offering a refreshing, non-sticky texture. In particular, it has an instant cooling effect that reduces the temperature by 1.5 degrees on average and a high sun protection factor (SPF 50+, PA++++).

    Applicable product type : Sun gel
    Primary benefits : Clear UV protection, refreshing and non-sticky texture, instant cooling effect, high sun protection factor (SPF 50+, PA++++)