• IRPTis a next-generation sun care technology of COSMAX that protects skin from infrared rays that has emerged as a new concern related to skin aging. Infrared rays penetrate deeper into the skin than ultraviolet rays, breaking down collagen tissue, causing premature aging, including reduced elasticity and acquired wrinkles. COSMAX developed Korea’s first infrared protection evaluation method, establishing the first quantified infrared protection factor (IRPF) standard, and possesses its own materials for infrared protection.

    Proprietary technologies of COSMAX
    Registered patent in Korea : No. 10-1861985
    Selected as the next-generation world leading product (2017)
    Published SCI paper

    Applicable product types : Sun lotion, sun cream, sun spray, sun stick, sun balm, sun milk, primer, makeup base, foundation, BB cream, tone-up cream
    Primary benefits : Infrared protection, prevention of skin aging caused by infrared rays, possession of COSMAX's own materials, dermatology test completed