• Based on research and understanding of facial skin, the CB Lab develops creams, makeup bases and tone-up creams that offer a variety of formulations, customized care and efficacy. Depending on skin concerns, age and region, consumer needs and their emotional factors, such as preferred skin tone and color vary widely. The CB Lab simultaneously identifies various effective ingredients and emotional factors such as colors, sensory preferences, and scents that suit the skin, that are preferred by customers. In particular, the lab combines emotional factors with skin effects, or provides flexible ideas that cross the boundaries between skincare products and color cosmetics, to provide new ideas and technologies. Recently, the lab has been focused on the convergence of trending skincare and makeup methods, thereby developing new concepts.

    Key technologies : Emulixir™, ISLCE™, Skin Fabric™
    Focus areas : 
    Cream, lotion, eye cream, primer, tone-up cream, CC cream, makeup base