• The Global Lab consists of two different teams: the Global Research Team and the Global Research and Operations Team. The Global Research Team collects overseas customer and product information for their research. The team conducts customer research according to each region and market, and systematizes skin characteristics by race. Based on these efforts, the team is in charge of setting development directions by region, market, and customers. The Global Research and Operations Team is responsible for the connection between overseas subsidiaries and the Korean headquarters. The lab provides support for various tasks such as responding to requests for development of new products between foreign subsidiaries and headquarters’ research labs, supporting documents related to international certifications, developing new formulations for headquarters and sharing technical data, identifying overseas cosmetics regulations and procedures, and visiting the headquarters of overseas customers. 

    Major tasks : Collection of laws and regulations on cosmetics in China (administrative permission), United States (OTC), Indonesia (Halal), document support related to international certifications