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As one of the largest cosmetics companies and top beauty brands in the world, Cosmax USA began its journey in the cosmetic industry more than decades ago in 2013. Today, Cosmax USA generates over USD 170 million in annual beauty product sales. Cosmax USA is a supplier of cosmetics and dietary supplements with a global infrastructure.

After Cosmax USA Corp.'s inception in 2013, it has been able to spread its services North America region. Furthermore, as its net sale closes in on the USD 170 million annual capacity mark, it has now ascended to the top as one of the leaders in the beauty and health supplements operating beauty, personal care, and health products including Lip (Lip Gloss, Molded Lip product), Eye (Eye Shadow, Eye Pencil, Mascara, Eye Liner and Brow) and Face (Primers, Foundation, Bronzer).

Cosmax USA Corp. plans to extend the parent beauty and cosmetics conglomerate's accomplishments in the greatest the beauty and health supplements market the world has to offer. Cosmax USA Corp. office is located at 105 Challenger Rd, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 and factories are located at 300 Milik Street, Carteret, NJ 07008 and 30701 Carter St, Solon, Ohio 44139.