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Why do we need preservatives in cosmetics?

  • Infected Hair Follicle

    Ringworm by fungal infection

    Toxic microbial metabolites

    Barrier destruction of the skin

    Poor Quality

    Discoloration/odor generation

    Layer separation due to oil demulsification, difference in texture

Minimize Irritation

It is an important to use right amount of preservative to minimize irritation.
Some preservatives can cause allergic reaction or disorders of the endocrine system.

We consider preservative level in products which directly affects the product safety. PET tests are performed on for all types of products which have a chance to grow microorganisms.
COSMAX is trying to minimize side effects with using preservatives.

COSMAX’s safety preservative system

01. How we select new preservative

02. Use in combination with a preservative that is effective in controlling bacteria and mold, having high antibacterial activity, and hypoallergenic preservative