• Sales and Marketing
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We carry out strategic brand-designing tasks such as: product planning and management of the overall B2B business for domestic and overseas customers, as well as packaging designs that meet the concept of the brand.

    Product Planning
    We design products based on the market trends, analyses of domestic and overseas issues, materialization of the product concept, and the launch of new products  for our customers.

    Domestic/Overseas Sales
    We conduct tasks from receiving orders as part of our B2B sales activities for domestic and overseas customers, monitoring all matters ranging from research and development, to production and transporting, as well as consulting customers on payments, or collections.

    Support for Domestic Sales
    We manage contracts, unit prices, performance, and receivables related to the domestic sales activities, to increase sales efficiency, improve the workflow, and analyze sales-related indicators, to manage performance.

    Support for Overseas Sales
    We conduct distribution and manage customs clearance for the seamless process of exporting products to overseas, and analyze export-related indicators to manage performance.

    We add value to our products by designing components and packages that accord with the brand image, by selecting optimal packaging specifications, and engaging in strategic brand-designing to meet the product development request.