• Business Management
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To ensure the continued growth and development of the company, we conduct various tasks such as: management planning and administration, HR, training, finance, accounting, IT, procurement, and logistics management.

    Management Planning/Administration
    To ensure sustainable growth and development of the company, we search for new businesses, establish business plans, and perform analysis on the company's profit structure, including the calculation of product costs and the management of performance indicators.

    HR/Training/General Affairs
    To support the management's efficient decision-making as well as  strategically utilize human resources, we conduct tasks such as: recruitment, evaluation, compensation, promotion, training, and general affairs. 

    To ensure seamless cash flow within the company under the financial plan and regulations, we provide useful information to decision makers and information users, and perform tasks related to settlements, tax affairs, and financial audits. 

    We contribute to task automation through the establishment of intranet programs (SAP, WEB, HR), while continuously inspecting and managing hardware as well as software, for the stable and efficient systems. Operations.

    We improve the company's profitability by finding new companies with excellent reliability in terms of price and quality, reducing costs, performing the efficient procurement, and managing the supply and demand of raw and subsidiary materials based on our procurement strategies for the seamless manufacturing of products.

    Logistics Management
    Once components enter the warehouse, we precisely identify the type and quantity of these items to prevent any potential issues, while continuously inspecting and managing the logistics system, ensuring that products are shipped at a stable state.