• The Fragrance Lab carries out further systematic and in-depth research on fragrance, which is a key element of the five senses and provides emotive marketing to raise brand value, awareness as well as build a consistent brand image. From skincare, makeup, body and hair products, the lab formulates various fragrances, and carries out constant fragrance assessments for aromatics to improve product maturity, as well as conduct research on fragrance trends in the global market to propose high-quality fragrances. The Fragrance Lab also selects and provides product aromatics in line with the ever-changing global laws and regulations, while considering  aspects of stability and safety, making the utmost effort to raise the emotional satisfaction for fragrances. Furthermore, the lab primarily carries out research on expressing the beauty of Korea in fragrance through the fragrance reproduction project, Scenteritage®, which restores and reproduces the scent of Korea that continues to fade into history. 

    Key technologies : Scenteritage®
    Focus areas : All skincare, makeup, and personal products, and fragrant products such as perfume, shower cologne, roll on perfume, and diffuser