As CEO of COSMAX BTI, Wankyoung Lee is in charge of planning. He performs his role as a navigator moving the entire group forward by focusing on a single goal. He  oversees key company departments including: planning, personnel management, and finance.

  • Q. 코스맥스가 나아갈 미래는?

    “‘Beauty’ should be seen from various perspectives rather than just one. Visually or in terms of appearance, I believe ‘natural’ is the utmost beautiful. When judging inner character, however, beauty can be expressed as ‘softness.’ Likewise, when judging an attitude, I believe ‘sincere endeavor’ is what beauty truly is.

    The most interesting theme in today’s global cosmetics industry is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution, characterized by hyper-connectivity, hyper-intelligence, and convergence. Incorporating elements of the 4th Industrial Revolution into our business through Digital Transformation is our first and foremost agenda to gain competitive edge.

    Furthermore, customer interest and concern in healthcare are increasing due to swift changes in the healthcare sector, brought on by the dawn of an aging society and the spread of COVID-19. We expect an increasingly vague divide between cosmetics and health supplement classifications, leading to the emergence of a central focus on research and development that applies the concepts of convergence and consilience.”