Chairman Lee is the leader of COSMAX who has steered COSMAX through its 27-year history, since he founded the company in 1992. Chairman Lee grown the business into a global No. 1 cosmetics research, development and production company. 

  • Q. 코리안 뷰티를 선두에서 이끌고 계십니다. 코리안 뷰티의 성공 비결은 무엇이라고 생각하십니까?

    Korea has four distinct seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter. Having these four distinct seasons serves as superior conditions for developing cosmetics. Moreover, women of Korea are world-famous for their beauty and great makeup skills, which means each and every one of them could serve as a model for promoting cosmetics. It was a great opportunity and fortune for COSMAX to be born in Korea. I believe the women of Korea enabled COSMAX, and helped it grow into No. 1 global beauty and health company.

    At the time of the company’s establishment, COSMAX initiated its long-journey under the slogan of “its only dream is to become your most valued partner.” We also made three commitments to become an “ethical enterprise,” an “enterprise with leading technologies,” and a “social enterprise.” Throughout its 27-year history, the COSMAX Group has achieved its goal of becoming a No. 1 global beauty and health company. Also, since its inception, COSMAX has remained fully committed to research and innovation. COSMAX R&I Centers, which has grown to become the world's leading research institutes, along with over 500 researchers who remain fully engaged in the research and development across Korea, China, and the United States, have shaped the self-esteem and pride of the COSMAX Group. Today, every member of the COSMAX Group will continue to honor their commitment to practice “ethics,” build “uniqueness,” and create “beauty,” while sharing “trust” with its partners, and “love” with society.