• Production Management
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We are in charge of all aspects that are related to manufacturing the finest-quality products.

Production Management is divided into five main responsibilities:
Production Process Management: responsible for the efficient operation of manpower, equipment, raw materials, and packaging required
Environmental Safety Management: in charge of managing the qualities of air and water in the facility, and product waste resulting from production
Quality Control: deals with customer requirements and quality-related issues
Quality Assurance: receives customer claims and devise relevant measures, and responds to the audits of customers, and public agencies

    Production Planning
    We establish monthly and daily production plans by reviewing the previous production performance analysis and evaluation to efficiently manufacture products with the goal of meeting customer deadlines.

    Production Management
    We efficiently manage the personnel, facilities, raw materials and work methods that are required for product manufacturing, to maximize productivity of the overall production management processes.

    Environmental Safety Management
    We manage the air quality, water quality, waste, chemical substances, etc.. in the facility to abide by environmental laws, and conduct regular safety evaluations and training to maintain workplace safety as well as comply with safety-related laws.

    Quality Control
    We standardize raw materials, components, finished products and the work environment to meet customers’ requirements, and quality-related laws related to the product manufacturing process.

    Quality Assurance
    We receive customer claims to analyze causes and inspect measures to prevent further claims, and respond to audits thath carried out by our customers and public agencies by standardizing operations at all times.