• The SR Lab performs safety and validation tests of raw materials during the product development stage to ensure that safe and effective products are developed. Before the raw materials are applied to products, the lab identifies whether the materials contain harmful ingredients to determine their use. In addition to human body application tests, the SL Lab also performs safety screening of products through animal replacement tests, and introduces cutting-edge equipment to conduct various research activities, such as skin absorption rate and skin barrier. In addition, the lab reviews global laws and regulations on cosmetics outside Korea and legal matters relating to the pertinent production, distribution, and sales to ensure that products are ideal for each country and to prevent any violations of laws. In line with the rapidly changing regulations on cosmetic products in accordance with the development of the cosmetics industry, the SR Lab makes efforts for system improvements, as well as conducts tasks on the relevant establishment and systematization of internal regulations. The lab also conducts research on the management standards of each company in addition to country-specific legal matters and builds a process to ensure that the use of raw materials and product development are carried out accordingly. 

    Main test item
    - Safety and efficacy test
    - Antiseptic test
    - Stimulation test