As CEO of COSMAX, Vice Chairman Jaecheon Kim is in charge of the overall management of the company. He led the “smartization” of factories in Korea as well as  created smart factories that meet global standards through means through computerization of factory facilities and the expansion of automated facilities.

  • Q. 코스맥스가 미래의 글로벌 비지니스 리더 양성을 위한 좋은 회사인 이유에 대해 말씀해주세요.

    "In recent years, CEOs of many global packaging and material companies, as well as global cosmetics companies, have been visiting COSMAX Korea, hoping to establish a partnership. At each of their visits, they express their admiration for ‘efficient smart factories with a great quality assurance system.’ As such, the production and quality control levels of COSMAX have now become a role model and a standard for many companies around the world.

    The cosmetics industry is one of the most rapidly developing areas among industries for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs). Technical development in areas such as formulation that dramatically improves function, efficacy, effectiveness, and the development of attractive, easy-to-use, as well as eco-friendly packages, is taking place too rapidly. Furthermore, I believe that the cosmetics industry is an integrated business of numerous customers and business partners, including global companies, as well as various distribution formats such as department stores, H&B stores, home shopping, network marketing, and online.

    Given these positions and environment, I believe that realizing potential at COSMAX would serve as a great opportunity to build the capabilities to rise as global business leaders.”